PRIVACY NOTICE Your Data, how it is used and how we look after it.

This Privacy Notice relates to VIJEvans Photography (operating since 2016). It is therefore posted on both: and

HOW WE RECEIVE YOUR DATA AND WHAT DATA WE HOLD/ The Data we hold about you is generated from two sources, all of which are drawn from your initial request for information or previous booking of a photo shoot/wedding / event or your request for further details about Vijevans Photography: • Direct email to us when enquiring about a photo shoot / wedding / event. Name, Contact Email and Telephone Number • Details completed when purchasing either photo shoots or prints from our websites: and This includes your Name, Postal address, Contact Email and Telephone Number (if provided)


HOW WE HOLD YOUR DATA ONCE WE RECEIVE IT • All your data is held on a Spreadsheet Database and past Email records on a Password Protected Business Computer based at our premises and accessed via a smartphone. All hardware has regular security updates. • Any original handwritten Contact / Enquiry forms are destroyed once the data has been transferred. • If you decide not to use us for your photo shoot / wedding/ event, all previous records are deleted after a 4-month period. However, if you have previously had a photo shoot / wedding / event, emails relating to your original order are retained for HMRC purposes for up to 6 years, after which your data is removed.


WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE FROM US AND THE LIMITATIONS ON OUR USE OF YOUR DATA •Your information will only be used for us to have direct contact with you. • You will only receive general marketing information relating to any offers or promotions that we run and the occasional update on other aspects of our business (such as promoting a new service or attendance at events). • You will never receive personal, speculative emails or telephone calls from us unless details / updates of a service have been previously requested. • Your details are never shared with any other Third Party or any other customer from our database or elsewhere unless specifically requested.


YOUR OPTION TO ‘OPT-IN’ AND ‘OPT-OUT’ AT ANY TIME   • If you enquire about a photo shoot / wedding / event or make a booking you will be asked if you wish to Opt-In to receive information about future promotions or offers. You can then Opt-out at any time.

Date: 23rd May 2018


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